Sunday, August 13, 2006

Sticky Beak

Continuing my self confessional stream of consciousness- I make my guests sleep on uncomfortable beds, I have bad taste in music - I am also a sticky beak.

I was just watching a tv show looking at someone's business. The company shall remain nameless to protect their identity. They mentioned their website - so I went to have a look . On noticing several pages with text that said "link to something" with no links I then had the hide to send them a critique of their web site.

This isn't the first time I've done this. I did it to the Sydney Biennalle who had a flash web site that was using the most recent version of flash and therefore prevented me from viewing their program.

I assumed in both cases that the only way you could have a business website that had these mistakes could be by not understanding much about web sites. So I sent them a critique explaining what was unusual in a bad way about their web site.

My justification is that I've butted in to try to provide them with information which they can use to talk to their web site designer so that their site can be improved. I'm sure that's not the way the recipients of my email feel. They probably feel as though I'm an amateur interior designer who's walked into their lounge room and told them to get new cushions.

Which is worse - to leave them with a commercial website that could deter customers either through accessability issues, broken links or poor design or to sticky beak on their website and send an unsolicited comment.

You can see I'm trying to justify my stickybeaking. I should just admit it - I have a problem.

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