Monday, March 11, 2013

Bees in our Backyard

The friday before last bees moved into our backyard. They are living in a tree.  When it rains some fall out of the tree.

Bees FLY

Bees Dance

A Bee Dance is like a Map

Bees Live Together - in Hives or Trees

Bees Visit Flowers

Bees Make Honey - BEE SPIT

Butterflies in our Backyard

We think we have caught a Common Grass Blue Butterfly
(Zizina labradus of the family LYCAENIDAE order Lepidoptera)

It was in our garden.


Visit Flowers and drink Nectar

Butterflies Have Scales Like Fish

Butterfly scales:

 Caterpillars turn into Buttterflies

Butterflies Fly

Saturday, March 02, 2013


A swarm of bees has decided that our backyard is their rainy weather holiday resort. Yesterday noticed a loud buzzing noise. I attributed this to my mildly blocked ears. Then Sven called "hey look a swarm of bees". There were lots of angry looking bees flying around each other. Then it began to rain. Now they have installed themselves on a tree branch 5 metres up. They've been there all night. They're very high up and I'm hoping they'll decide to move when it stops raining - bees are nice in the abstract but my vision of hundreds of touchy bees living in my backyard is not pretty.