Sunday, August 20, 2006


I'm sick. I've got a cold - my ears are blocking - half the time I can't sleep and then I can't stay awake. Life is so unfair. After Friday being a frabjous day the next day I'm sick.

Possibly I was noticing things on Friday morning as the first symptom - vision changes - inability to see large picture details. Colours seeming supersaturated. Or maybe it was a lovely day.

What is of course a waste is being sick on a weekend. Maybe I'll feel perfectly fine tomorrow because it will be Monday morning. That will be something to look forward to.

My Dear Reader is sick too. He's a day ahead of me and says he's starting to feel better.

Oh well - I'll just have to watch Australian Idol and hope that I fall asleep again. Life is so unfair. Woe is meeeeeeeeee.

Just remember I'm delirious which is why this post is filled with self pity. Rambling. Lost in a see of fuzz and continually damp hankies. Sick.

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