Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Subject: Amsterdam
Date: 16 Jan 2007 19:52:50 -51601
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I'm on holidays for a couple of weeks. We've started off in Amsterdam.=
Of course because I have started a holiday I am now sick. It is =
obligatory. I have a cold.

Amsterdam is nice. We've been to the Van Gogh Museum and the Rijks =
Museum. We plan to seem some modern design in the next couple of days.=

We have seen some already just by looking at the amazong rooms you can see=
in peoples apartments where they have put in floor to ceiling windows.=
All of them seem to have these amazing modern design features. They =
obviously are happy living there lives in these rooms in public - a girl=
reading a book in a spotlit right next to the window - a mother and two=
young children in the kitchen. These rooms make me think of an Ikea =
display room except real people live there.


Sunday, January 07, 2007

I just found Drawn and from there saw this amazing art installation.

Cai-Guo-Quiang wolves.jpg

It's called Head-on and it is by Cai-Guo-Quiang. It was shown in Berlin. Unfortunately for us, the exhibition finished in October. It would be a perfect inspiration to go to Berlin.

We have just under three weeks from next Saturday to travel with no obligations in Europe.
After yesterday we're now including skiing in there somewhere. We start in Amsterdam meeting up with friends.

So much fun planning what to do. We could have a themed holiday - visiting exciting art installations or castles or anything.

Entry to a ski lift.

Entry to a ski lift.
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We went skiing on Friday. I went on the school one week ski trip when I was in grade 12. Sven has been told that he skied when he was 4. We had a shared private lesson. Amazingly some of my most basic skills came back quite quickly. We stayed in the children's training area for the lesson and I felt kind of ok.

After the lesson, we made it over to wear a t-bar for a beginners slope was but I didn't feel confident to go up as I need more refreshing on going down a steep slops and turning. Dear Reader did a spectacular stack as he was having difficulty stopping but he was ok.

We had lunch and then walked back up the 100 metres or so to next to where the Kinderschule was and practiced walking up hill and skiing down for an hour. By then it was after 3 and we were getting even more knackered.

We handed in our rental gear and hopped on the cable car/gondola thing that went to the top of the mountain. Lovely view and much colder and windy at the top. It had been about -1 and sometimes even a bit sunny at the bottom.

Lots of fun. We're going to try and go to Arosa and get another lesson tomorrow :-)