Monday, August 07, 2006

ads are getting worse

I just watched an episode of Criminal Minds. It's the second episode here and I'm quite enjoying the series so far.

What I thought was astounding was the ads.

At the end of the show channel 7 saw fit to tell us that "Criminal Minds" was the new "smash hit" based on it being on one showing on the night before with not very much competition.

I thought that was fairly excessive hyperbole but the ad I was even more impressed with was the one for mascara that told me "the more you wear the sexier you are". Wow - that 's excellent fashion advice. I can just see the 14 year old girls with eyelashes too heavy to lift because of this ad. Wondeful.

I am now peacfully watching "Planet Earth" which I recorded yesterday. Amazing pictures and no one telling me to wear mascara, buy a car so I can have sex in it or that a once off preview of a show makes a "smash hit".

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