Thursday, September 16, 2010

Child rearing Advice

I have a new piece of wisdom for parents of young children that I haven't read anywhere else.
When your young toddler first starts using duplo - until you're used to it being spread everywhere wearing footwear is a sensible safety precaution :-)

I'm using those slippers they told me to get for the hospital when I had the twins - it helps that my toes are cold :-)

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Buildbot windows service

I run buildbot and have a slave on windows. The buildbot is installed a service. The box was moved from one network to another a few days ago and the buildbot service would no longer start up.
In the original network the box was connected to a domain server. In the second network it wasn't.

In the original network, the username was part of the domain. When the box was moved I added a local account for the box. On another box which had the same move it didn't have a problem.

When I tried to start the service a dialog popped up: "The Dependency Service or Group Failed to Start". In the event viewer was a message saying that the service depended on the netlogon service and the netlogon service was not started. The netlogon service said it didn't need to run because it was part of a work group.

After a while I guessed that the service authentication in the dialog was done through the netlogon service because it was a domain user name. So I:
removed the service.
rebooted the box (so the service would delete.
added the service again.

And it WORKED!!!!