Tuesday, August 08, 2006

My Piano Confession

I admit it. I am a closet adult learner. I played the 'cello badly when I was at school and did the music thing - school and youth orchestra, choir etc.

This year I got an electronic piano and have been extending my rudimentary keyboard skills. I'm enjoying the standard early intermediate repertoire at the moment.

Today I got a package - containing some music I'd ordered from the USA and that's where the confession comes in. I just got delivered 3 books of music - the Shrek Movie songs, a big book of Musical songs and another of TV themes.

Yes my taste in music at the moment runs from Bach - which I'm very much enjoying to the Muppet theme. I enjoy Schlock. I presume it is all some kind of extended nostalgia or regret or something.

At least looking around the net at what other people play - I'm in the company of a lot of other people who like the same kind of music I do. And I've improved enough to not need to get "easy scores". I don't play them well - but I have headphones for my keyboard which means my Dear Reader doesn't have to listen to all my fumbles.

He swears he doesn't mind but most of the time I'm playing with the headphones on.

Farewell again.

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