Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Tuesday Story - Beavers and Unnoticable Girls

Both girls managed to be dressed and pack their clothes by dinner time today (with a few contretemps along the way) so they got to chose their stories - both were library books.

Rosie chose:
Maude The Not-So-Noticeable Shrimpton by Lauren Child

I've liked all the  Lauren Child books I've read to the girls but I think this on was written for children a bit older and so it went over the heads of the girls a bit - but that's ok.  Callie said she didn't like the Tiger... Rosie said she liked the tiger because she has a tiger toy...

Callie chose:
If Beaver had a Fever by Helen Ketteman

Which was ok - a rhyming mother and child conversation book.

Sven's birthday tomorrow - will his present arrive in time - this and other mysteries to be discovered tomorrow...

Monday, July 15, 2013

Monday Story

Today we had a shower when we got home from day care - which we try to do.  I say we because I get wet and have a shower while they are supposed to be getting dressed.  This time they spent so long playing instead of getting dressed that I set the timer - and they almost got dressed in time but were debating which pymama the other person could wear and missed out by seconds.  So I gave them a special second chance and set the timer again so they could choose clothes for tomorrow.  Which they missed out because they were discussing which socks they would choose - with child A choosing a selection for child B.  This took so long that they missed the timer again and so I got to choose the book for the night.

This was another library book:
This Morning Sam Went To Mars (a book about paying attention) by Nancy Carlson

Rosie said she chose this book because the cover was "So Pretty".  The girls both thought it was about space and said "We'll learn things about Space".  It was actually a book about a boy who keeps imagining things and keeps getting told to focus.  The girls said they both liked it - and they had just gotten their clothes ready so they could empathise with some of the solutions.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Sunday Story

One today because it was we'd had dinner at Grandma and Grandpa's and there is Kindy tomorrow.  Well officially it was because they didn't get dressed before the timer went. One of the library books:

Polar Opposites by Erik Brooks.

I liked this one because it part of the plot was that Polar Bears and Penguins live at different poles.  It makes me happy when childrens books don't enforce those common fallacies that get drummed into peoples heads - like dinosaurs and humans at the same time, polar bears and penguins playing together etc.  One might say it's just a children's story but I think there is a difference between talking chickens and telling children that  octopuses have 9 babies through a live birth rather than laying hundreds of eggs. (recent cartoon bugbear).  I'm ok with fairies and Santa and gnomes in stories but I'm not ok with polar bears and penguins living at the north pole together.  So I like this book.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Saturday Stories

After an exciting day where they attended a mermaid birthday party with a spectacular mermaid cake, we started the new library books with a fairy day.

The A to Z of Fairies by Caroline Stills

The Very Fairy Princess Follows Her Heart by Julie Andrews and Emma Walton Hamilton

The girls are so young they don't even know who Julie Andrews IS.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Friday Story

Thomas the Tank Engine story 2 for Rosie.
And for Callie after much deliberation and a "Mummy has already read that one" about another book - we get a different book which I read last week:

The Kangaroo Who Couldn't Hop by Robert Cox and Jim Robins

I don't think the girls get the punch line.  That one is either a hand me down or a life line book sale.

Tomorrow we might start the new crop of library books.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Thursday Story

Tomorrow is a busy day so the girls got one story so they'd get to bed quicker.
I got to choose (because it was only one story).  I chose This is My Book by Mick Inkpen

I love this book - the Snapdragon eats parts of letters and the dots off the "i"s :-)

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Wednesday Bedtime Stories

Tonight I dissuaded Callie from having the Opera book she got at the lifeline book sale by saying it wasn't a story book.
Instead we had for Callie:
Little Princess: I Want My New Shoes! by Tony Ross

And for Rosie the first of the stories in the Thomas the Tank Engine Trouble on the Tracks
train tracks book she got from the Life Line book sale. (missing its train) (it was from the $2 section).

It sounds like all their books are from the life line book sale but we're still working our way through the ones they got a month ago.  They had a library period in the middle and now they've been finding things on their own shelves.

Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Tuesday Bedtime Stories

Tonight stories for two tired children:

The Little Ballerina by Sue Harris

Which Rosie got for her birthday from her Aunty Susan last year (I think).
It's got little envelopes with fold out cards in - and only one card is missing...

The first part of a disney Beauty and the Beast book which was either a hand me down or a lifeline book sale.  After visiting the lifeline book sale with my daughters and seeing which books they would choose I understood why we got so many disney and pink shiny books as hand me downs from my nieces. 

Monday, July 08, 2013

Bed Time Stories

The Girls said that they couldn't remember what day they last read a particular story.  I suggested we could write down what books we read.


What Planet Are You From Clarice Bean by Lauren Child 

Which we got at the lifeline book sale and I hadn't read before.  I enjoyed it but I think as it's about a 9 or 10 year old was probably a bit old for the girls.  They were yawning a bit - so they weren't really engaged.

Time, Ted and the Pirates by Ian Whybrow and Russell Ayto
Which was a hand me down from my sister and we read ocassionally.
Which is ok and rhymes - plus it has PIRATES and a Shark that has swallowed a large convertible car and what appears to be a train carriage.