Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Futurama All the Time

Channel 10 seems to have a slight problem with their schedule. Having finished Big Brother and then cancelled poor Jasmin - who may now never marry - it is now filling all of its schedules with Futurama. ALL the time. Continously - never ending. OK - not really - but there are 3 today between 7pm and 9:30 pm. For all I know it could be on randomly during the day aswell.

It's like when I was in Switzerland last year when BBC Prime would show 3 hours of Eastenders repeats on Sunday afternoons. Or ABC 2 with "Stateline Sunday" - all of the different Statelines one after another until your eyes bleed.

I want variety. Showing all the Statelines is good - showing them all one after another in a block is WRONG. Showing 3 Futuramas in a few hours is too much.

Free to Air TV programmers obviously need some help.

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