Sunday, August 06, 2006

Intros on Podcasts and Videos

I'm starting to listen to more podcasts and watch more video blogs. I'm thinking of starting a campaign called "Keep my Interested - Cut the Opening Credits".

If I've downloaded something on to my computer or I'm playing a stream - I've selected it and I know what it is. I don't need 45 seconds of my 3 minutes listening to be taken up by a song repeating the title of the program in various ways. 5 seconds is acceptable - I'll stretch to 10 seconds - but I'm listening to this on my walk from the train station or I'm watching this while I'm having my breakfast because it's new and unique - that's why I downloaded it. I don't want to listen to something I've heard before.

I don't need to listen to the same promo track - or the same "You are listening to" announcement repeated everying 1 minute - I know what I'm listening to - I pressed the button to start it. I don't have temporary amnesia unless it's caused by my falling and hitting my head after having passed out due to intense boredom from listening to your repetitive theme track.

Listeners of the world unite - help the producers of content on the net realise that they are not producing radio and television shows and they are not constrained by a limited random format - they don't need to attract attention at the beginning of the show with a promo - they already have our attention because we've downloaded their show - they need to keep it. Start the show already.

There are a lot of web content like The Show with zefrank - (which I really enjoy) that don't fall into this boredom inducing trap. It's more the ones being produced by traditional media companies or shows trying to act like traditional media companies that do this.

They just need to STOP. Ok I'll stop ranting now.

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