Tuesday, August 01, 2006


I just saw a poll on Yahoo Australia - will John Howard beat Menzie's 16 years in Office.

I wonder if the options are -
Yes - 10 %
No - 13 %
Not if I can help it - 77 %

I read an article where Camilla from Big Brother was surprised that John Howard had called Big Brother stupid - I presume like everyone else she was more surprised that he was commenting on a television show rather than on something important in industrial relations or foreign affairs.

I enjoyed the final episode of Big Brother yesterday. I enjoy watching Gretel change her interviewing style to make the different people she's with comfortable in front of a very large crowd.

The other Big Brother issue I thought interesting was the Sydney Morning Herald not mentioning David meeting his boyfriend after he was evicted in any easily findable articles on the website. They mentioned Jamie and Katie but didn't mention David and Sherif (I just had to go hunting on Google to find out how to spell his name). It could be a form of self censorship or maybe the journalist writing the articles didn't actually watch the show. They also had two or three different articles over 2 days with the same paragraphs about Camilla, John and Ashley at the bottom. Maybe they've paid a teenage relative to sms them who gets evicted so they can have a quiet weekend :-)

I've been at home today with a cold - I'm rambling - maybe it's time for another nap.

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