Sunday, November 12, 2006

Blogging in German

While I'm in Zurich I'm going to try to improve my German. I find that this time round after the 6 months last year, I'm able to listen and get the gist of conversations a lot better than last time. My speaking is not very good and in Zurich it's hard to practice because everyone I work with speaks English to me and around me people speak Swiss German. So I thought I'd try and write some of this blog in German. This morning I have managed about 3 lines on what we did yesterday. My Dear Reader has corrected it for me so here it is:

Wir wachten wieder früh auf. Es ist für uns sehr unüblich. Wir frühstückten und dann gingen spazieren. Es war ein bisschen kalt. Wir fährten mit dem Tram zu Seebach und dann wanderten hin zu Oerlikon. Da war ein Markt.

We wandered around the market for a while, got very cold, had some coffee and a Gipfel - which are definitely growing on me and then went home. Later in the day we walked to the Bahnhoffstrasse and bought some warmer clothing.

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