Monday, November 20, 2006

Autumn Trees in the Dusk

Autumn Trees in the Dusk
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Yesterday we went to the new Spreitenbach IKEA. It was very big and filled with people. It was funny watching the people. It was like they were having the same conversations that you overhear in Sydney but in multiple languages. It's IKEA's couple councilling service. As people who are setting up house together for the first time, they learn about each other's likes and dislikes and how to resolve problems such as he liking the purple shag rug and her liking the hot pink sofa.

Then we wandered into the nearby shopping centres and then we went for a walk along the Limmat ending up at Dietikon. I love wanderwegs. You'll always end up somewhere with a way home.

We were fairly tired after all of this energetic looking at things. I even tried shoes on - always tiring. Luckily there is a Mollino's in a straight line from the tram stop to our flat so we stopped and had a very nice Pizza. A very nice day.

The autumn leaves are very pretty.

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