Saturday, November 25, 2006


I was just reading Apartment Therapy. As we've just bought our flat (settlement 5th December) I've become more interested in looking at sites like this. I always enjoyed them but now we'll get to paint things and nail things in walls.

I was reading a thread and came across a link to a lovely apartment remodel by Olga.

There is a photo stream that goes with it. I loved the stencilling work done on the ceilling and one window sills. Must think about this.

While we're here in Europe we've been looking in the shop windows and design stores for ideas. What's cool is that things I'm seeing things on line like new lights I then see in the window of a shop on the way to work :-)

In Sydney either things don't get brought out to Australia or they're less likely to be in a lot of shops. Here cool things seem to be everywhere.

I suppose window shopping is bigger here and so window dispays are more impressive too. I think it's because shops are shut on Sundays but as people still walk through the Bahnhoffstrasse and all the other pretty shopping streets it's very good advertising to have a good window display.

I also know some people in Australia who won't go to a store that looks stylish because they perceive it will be expensive - even if it's not. I don't think the shops I see in Zurich work that way. I'm only a visitor though so I don't really know how things work here.

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