Monday, October 02, 2006

The Rocks

The Rocks
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We went to see an Incovenient Truth today. We both really enjoyed the movie and came out thinking about energy efficiency of appliances and measuring power usage.

We then had to decide how to get home. Normally at night after a movie or dinner, we'd probably catch a taxi home. Somehow, after just seeing an Incovenient Truth we felt this would be somewhat, "inefficient" shall we say. We looked at the stairs going down to the station instead we decided start walking home and see how far we went.

As we walked over the bridge I took a lot of photos in the hope that some would work. I had my little cammera in a bag and propped in on the rail along the edge of the bridge on a 2 second timer and quite a few seemed to work. This is looking back towards the city across the Rocks and I like that it has the side of the bridge in it.

The bridge looks astounding at night - the lighting really highlights all of the structural pieces and there shape. I should go back there one day with a tripod and my real camera. I really wanted to get the span from the side but from my handy railing I couldn't get the angle I wanted. A lot of them worked out ok. I was quite pleased.

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