Sunday, October 08, 2006


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We went to Bunnings today - that's a Australian hardware store chain. On the way we went to the petrol station and put air in the tyres and cleaned the windows because up until about 2 weeks ago, we hadn't used the car for more than 3 months. Afterwards Dear Reader suggested that as it looked like rain we should go for a drive in the hope that this would wash the car. It's a little bit dirty after it's long hibernation in the garage.

We ended up at the beach and went for a walk downwind. It was amazingly windy and the sand was being blown so much that we walked back along the road as Dear Reader did not have glasses to protect his eyes.

Along the way we observed the dragon in the photograph which was slowly trundling into the sea.

We tried to drive back along the Wakehurst Parkway and luckily Dear Reader paid attention to the yellow sign which said "Closed" and we pulled over to the side of the road where we could see the fire which was obviously stopping traffic. So we turned around, went via Manly and listened to the radio where they told us that there was a fire around the Wakehurst Parkway :-)

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