Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Name Change

I've changed the name of my blog. We were chatting on Sunday night. We're thinking of buying a flat and as it's a large amount of money to spend I was naturally mildly concerned that we were making the right decision. But talking to a friend who had gone through the process years before I was getting little sympathy. So I stated my usual catch phrase in situations like that - and decided then and there to rename my blog.

It seems a momentous decision to buy a flat. I think Dear Reader and I both feel it hasn't been difficult enough and so we are not sure we're doing the right thing. Anyway, we should be putting verbally negotiating a price today - unless we back out at the last moment.

The real estate agent is going to ring soon and we both didn't sleep well so we're feeling a bit tired.

So at the moment I feel that would be coping with change poorly if I weren't feeling tired and a bit sinusy. I'm probably coping with change poorly because of a lack of oxygen getting to the brain due to my sinus issues today. Any excuse will do :-)

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