Friday, December 23, 2016

Thinkpad Yoga 260 and Debian Linux

I got a yoga 260 and I'm running linux on it.  It still has some teething problems but here's what I know so far.  It has a touchscreen.

The best linux status information for the yoga 260 is at the Arch Wiki:

I'm running Debian Stretch - which is currently "testing".  It has Gnome 3.

When you login you can select if you use Xserver or Wayland.

Web browsing

I use Chrome.  With Xserver, I can only scroll by using two fingers  on the page or using a the scroll bar and no other gestures work.

Last night I discovered that with Wayland, I can scroll using a single finger, make the page bigger by "unpinching" two fingers and go back to a previous page by swiping from left to write - like your swiping the current page away.

Chrome has several virtual keyboards available as extensions.  The first one I tried which had the most comments didn't work for me - it wouldn't bring up a keyboard in the search bar.  I'm currently using "Keyboard" from and it's working ok.

There is a Gnome Shell Integration extensions.  If you add that then you can install gnome instructions through Chrome at the click of a button.  It puts a little gnome footprint in your tool bar.


Gnome extensions can be installed through the Chrome extension mentioned above by going to

Caffeine - disables the screensaver and autosuspend - installed after trying to use my "tablet" as a recipe book - it's really annoying trying to enter a password with floury fingers.

On Screen Keyboard Button - to get an on screen keyboard you have to enable it all the time. (well that's what I've worked out so far).  This extensions puts a little a in your gnome toolbar so you can turn it off.

Dash to Dock - puts a dock hidden to one side of your screen - handy for switching apps in tablet mode.

Netspeed - reports netspeed - nothing to do with tablets but it's cool

This article has a good list:


Currently running 4.9 installed from source following these excellent instructions:

This gave me two buttons on my pen and I think the multitouch behaviour in touch screen mode became better.  The impression I have is that the touch screen behaviour became much more precise, less sluggish but I could be wrong - maybe it was always that good and I was just getting used to it.

Trackpoint -
I turned the trackpad off because it's annoying.  With or without it the cursor keeps freezing with:

[30922.323665] psmouse serio1: Touchpad at isa0060/serio1/input0 lost sync at byte 6
[30922.323671] psmouse serio1: issuing reconnect request
And the way to get it back is in a terminal with root permissions to run:

rmmod psmouse; modprobe -a psmouse

Which works but is annoying.  

Middle click keeps being ignored and the pointer jumps.  That's also annoying.

Tablet Mode works ok - but there is no screen rotation.  Locks the keyboard automatically.  

Screen rotation does't work because 

    Waiting for iio-sensor-proxy to appear
+++ iio-sensor-proxy appeared
=== Has accelerometer (orientation: undefined)
=== Has ambient light sensor (value: 0.000000, unit: lux)

4.9 has fixed that for others so I need to investigate further.

That's some rough notes - but I haven't found that information in one spot so I'll publish it rough though it is just in case it helps someone else.

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