Thursday, August 23, 2007

Solaris Patches

I'm making a solaris patch for a package. This has been a very educational experience.
Either Sun haven't documented this very thoroughly or I'm just managing to miss the current accurate howto document. Looking at other people's posts it looks like others are in the same boat.

Some notes on what I've found:

- All solaris patches have a unique id. They have to be of format XXXXXX-YY where X is a 6 digit unique id identifying what your patching and YY is the version. It also allows you to put capital letters infront which means you can put your company infront and not have to worry about clashing with anyone else.

- read the /usr/lib/patch/patchadd script - it contains the error codes information like the allowed version id format.

- If you doing a patch add and getting something like:

The patch or patch_list 123456-01 cannot be found in

Check your error code you are getting error code 34 which is "Incorrect patch spool directory". It may mean that like me you haven't added a .diPatch file.

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Aloha2u said...

thanks for sharing. Getting the same problem.