Sunday, July 30, 2006

A first post

Well, behind the times as usual I have decided to start a blog. Now almost everybody else in the known universe has one I thought it was about time.

Well actually my mother was saying she was becoming so highly technically ept that she was now advising other people about email and so I mentioned that the next step for her was a blog. Which made me think that it was about time I started a blog.

I will probably end up posting little bits of technical information I find that it took me a long time to find - stuff about "mplayer, freevo and digital video cards" or "twiki and internets". And then probably holidays and things that annoy me. A blog of self-indulgence that nobody but me will ever read. Except maybe technical information that someone might find.

I'm a computer programmer and I also like playing with computers.

I have fish - the "bristley" stands for bristlenose catfish - the favourite fish I've had so far. Freshwater tropical fish.


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